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Artisan fresh baguettes


Baguettes can be the appetizer when you go to a restaurant or the main ingredient in your sandwich. As professional bakers we understand your needs. You can also see our selection of sandwich breads here.

Long-lasting Baguettes

Our baguettes will easily last for 12 months when frosted and up to 3 days when defrosted, ensuring a long shelf-life and saving you preservation costs. Some are already pre-sliced, saving you a ton of time when preparing them. We understand that whether you’re a simple catering business or a large hotel chain, time is of the essence. That’s why we go to great lengths to make everything convenient for you so all you have to do is put in the filling and add the toppings and you’re good to go!

Whatever occasion you’re baking for, there’s a perfect baguette. Euro-Bake is proud to bring you a range of pre-baked baguettes to give your baked products the extra punch they need. They are all very soft and full of flavour on the inside while being crispy and crusty on the outside, ensuring an explosion of pure goodness in the mouths of your customers.

The Real Deal

Euro-Bake is the real deal. We are a US bakery that makes authentic baked products from recipes passed down over the years and go to great lengths to train our artisan bakers well. We make sure that every last baguette we produce adheres to our high standards of quality so you, the customer, can trust it.

Euro-Bake has together Lantmännen Unibake grown over the years since its inception into the second largest bakery in all of Europe. It has also amassed a reputation for producing the highest quality baguettes and leading the industry in terms of innovation. We have the capacity to serve you no matter what your size or what industry you operate in. In the past, we have served hospitals, grocery stores, schools, restaurants, corner retailers, and 5-star hotels. All of them are fully satisfied with the quality of our products so we can guarantee that you will be satisfied too.

We take quality very seriously. Our bakeries may be made to produce on a large scale, but they certainly have a small-scale vibe about them. We practice artisan baking with the skilled chefs focused on making sure that our baked products are not only of good quality, they are works of art. We also make sure that only the best ingredients go into them to give them that extra wow factor.

Lantmännen Unibake USA

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