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Ciabatta sourdough manufacturer


Try our delicious ciabatta breads made with the best olive oil, a great idea is to make an Italian style sandwich with our freshly baked ciabattas.

Euro-Bake Bread Range: Quality is our Selling Point

Our recipes are more of an art than a science, and our bakers have been trained by the best.  We not only offer quality, but also variety. With hundreds of different types of bread in our repertoire, your needs are certain to be met. From rolls to sticks to loaves, we’ve got something for everyone

Lantmannen Unibake is the sixth largest bakery supplier in the world and is well known for providing the best quality in the market. We have served all types of channels, from hotels to hospitals; universities to schools, and restaurants to supermarkets. 

Don’t get us wrong, however. Despite the fact that we produce on a large scale, we still produce high quality products. Our bakery bakes in batches, a practice from artisan baking, which is quite possible on a large scale. 


Premium ciabatta is made with good olive oil and is optial for an Italian style sandwich. The bread is baked with sourdough which it the authentic, original and natural way to achieve high-quality baked goods with a superior taste. The ciabatta is a part of our easy-to-use product range that combines convenience with the tempting aroma of fresh baking. Waste is minimized as you only bake what you need.

Lantmännen Unibake USA

2525 Cabot Drive


Suite 300             


Lisle, IL 60532



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