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Our range of pastry products offers a tasteful and profitable experience. Building on heritage, quality and innovation we deliver good business.

With passion!

Passion for Pastry - Schulstad  - Piet our master chef

Passionate bakers behind our amazing pastries

Behind every great pastry is a passionate baker. And we are thankful to have many of them in Unibake.

Piet Van Beveren - our "King of Croissants" oversees all our Belgian croissants.

Mogens Andersen - our "Duke of Danish" has been baking perfect "Royal Danish Pastry" for over 28 years.

Meet both of them here, and learn how they live their passion.

Meet our Master Bakers
Passion for Pastry - Schulstad

All you need to know about our pastries

How does a Danish differ from a croissant?

What's does "Wienerbrød" mean?

And why is a croissant called a "croissant"?

The answers to all of these - and lots of other interesting facts are in the following page of Passion For Pastry.

Learn more about our pastries
Passion for Pastry - Schulstad - Artisan baking on a large scale

Artisan baking on a large scale

Ensuring that we stay true to our heritage of bakery craftsmanship is important for us. To learn more about how we do this - even on large scale baking lines, we have put together some of the stories for you.

See how we use artisan methods
Maple Pecan - Schulstad

Great ingredients are the key to successful baking

Time, passion, and the right ingredients are the key to any delicious bakery experience.

And we're passionate about finding the absolute best ingredients from partners who share our concerns for high quality and environmental sustainability.

Read the stories behind some of our most important ingredients here.

A story about how we find our ingredients
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