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On The Go

Meeting consumers where they are

Consumer demand for on-the-go meal solutions that balance the need for convenience and the desire to have a tasty, heathy meal is increasing, not least for the travel & leisure segment.

eurobake bread on the go

Packaging and wrapping

Using different packaging is an easy way of introducing some variation in the sale of well-known display products. New innovative packaging technology is being developed with products such as boxes containing different compartments, breathable plastic bags, and moisture-absorbing bases.

Develop methods of presentation that reflect your business. Try always to come up with ways to present an item to the customer in a more attractive manner or as a take-away product. Unpackaged products looking attractive and fresh will always sell better in a display unit.

Discover our Euro-Bake breads and burgers, that are perfect for on the go ! 

Bread solutions

Custom Solutions

Unibake USA can provide customized bread solutions for both foodservice and retail channels. If you are looking to develop a unique offering for your operation we offer:

  • Custom Product Development
  • Custom Packaging
  • Recipe/menu development

Discover more channels: 

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Customer Service

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