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A good bet - and bite!

One of the most popular stories on how the sandwich got it's name stem from the 18th century London and a gambler named John Montagu, the Earl of Sandwich. According to the legend, the Earl asked for his meat to be served between two slices of bread, making it possible to eat with one hand and allowing him to continue his game of cards without interruption.   

Fun sandwich facts!

The sandwich is one of America's most popular dishes, with about 300 million sandwiches consumed in the USA every day. Here are some other fun facts about this versatile and convenient lunch favorite:  

  • Sandwiches are the 2nd most common menu item in US restaurants, after burgers
  • According to research from Datassential, the turkey sandwich is the most popular sandwich type. However, most of the turkey sandwiches are consumed at home (77%)
  • When looking at the most popular sandwiches eaten away from home, the sub sandwich is the winner
  • The most expensive sandwich ever sold went for $28,000 on ebay - it was a grilled toast that seemed to have an image of Virgin Mary on it
  • The sandwich is celebrated on November 3rd: the National Sandwich Day!
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