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Your hotel industry is our priority

To most guests, staying at a hotel is associated with luxury, quality and excellent service, regardless of whether it is a private or work-related event. Expectations are high – especially when it comes to the eating experience.

Your guests appreciate a good meal and are happy to spend extra time enjoying it. And enjoy it they should. Because if guests at your hotel enjoy their meals with you, they will certainly take that experience with them when they leave.

Buffets are often a practical and good solution for your guests as they allow for efficient service without compromising on quality and taste. In addition, a good buffet accommodates many dietary preferences and allows people to taste different foods.

A nice breakfast is particularly important for your guests as it can help give them a great start to the day.


We understand the dilemmas of arranging a great buffet for your hotel – keeping some dishes hot and others cold and ensuring that food is fresh and looks appetising while avoiding excessive food waste.

That is why we offer you more than just good products for your business. We also offer you good advice on how to arrange a great buffet, cutting techniques, delicious recipes, including alternative ones, and bread products that leave your customers satisfied.

Stand out with a better breakfast offer

So how can you stand out in the breakfast jungle without trying to be everything to everyone? Target one key area to build your concept around: food quality, experience or convenience. All three are important, but by choosing one area as the core, you can build in unique values for your guests.  


'Expectations are high – especially when it comes to the eating experience'

Lantmännen Unibake USA

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