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Hotel buffet success story from sunny Florida

New and innovative breakfast concepts are emerging in the hotel sector, from premium a la carte manus to module based brunch set ups and convenient grab-n-go solutions.

Breakfast experience directly linked to customer satisfaction

One hotel that is always looking for ways to improve the breakfast experience for its guests is Staybridge Suites in Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. The Operations Manager Jacki Fox explains why breakfast is a top priority: “The breakfast experience has a direct impact on the customer satisfaction score. The last thing you do before checking out and leaving the hotel is have breakfast, and hence it is the last impression you have of the hotel.”


Above: Grab-n-go station at Staybridge St. Petersburg

Customization & convenience with grab-n-go concept

The hotel in St. Petersburg has a relatively large kitchen for a Staybridge format hotel and the offer includes everything from sliced fresh fruit and yoghurt to waffles, sweet pastries and breakfast pizzas. The hotel has also been fast in responding to specific customer requests, such as healthy pumpernickel bread specially ordered for the Swedish swim team or protein-loaded breakfast bags for Coast Guards and gymnastics teams.

The number of people who enjoy the breakfast every morning at Staybridge Suites St. Petersburg Downtown is high. “According to our customer surveys around 80% of our guests enjoy the buffet in the mornings.” A big contributor to the high rate is likely the hotel’s grab-n-go kits with bags, flatware and boxes perfect for guests who are in a hurry or want to bring breakfast back to their room. “I would estimate that around 20-25% of our guests use the grab-n-go concept for breakfast” Jacki says. “There have been mornings when most guests take breakfast on the go and the breakfast area with all tables and chairs is totally empty, but the food is still being consumed at a fast rate. The driver of our free shuttle service also tell me that guests often enter the car with the grab-n-go breakfast bags in hand”.

For the Staybridge, their breakfast buffet is key guest satisfaction and the grab-n-go breakfast program is core to providing value to the guests, especially to on-the run business guests.

Newcomers on the breakfast buffet

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