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In-store Bakery & Retail

Your instore bakery is our priority!

The essence of an instore bakery is that it should be easy and convenient for consumers to buy freshly baked bread. Convenience should be part of the purchase experience without having to compromise on taste and quality.

We can help you create an instore bakery that meets and exceeds customer expectations. We deliver individual, tailor-made solutions to fit the needs of your instore bakery. We offer a wide selection of products developed specifically for the instore segment certain to boost your business. Our bake-off products create a genuine bakery atmosphere and a lovely smell of freshly baked bread, and with our raw dough products you can put your own individual stamp on the finished products and stand out from other instore bakeries.

Part of the solution we offer includes a service concept where we train you and your staff in handling our bread and other products to optimise the process. Following simple tips and advice allows you to boost your business and make the most of our products.

The in-store bakery fixture is now a“must-have” facility in small, medium and large retail store formats.

At Lantmännen Unibake, we have many years of experience and hands-on insights in developing in-store bakery (ISB) with our partners, with a track record in producing profitable results.

Investment Decision

No two businesses are the same. The right in-store bakery (ISB) solution depends on your business and the market.

Our experience is that a good ISB offer will attract new shoppers to your store. 

Adding an ISB can increase shopper footfall by 2%.


Considering SKU price points is vital when it comes to maximising profits.

We are able to advise on the best way to price in-line with market conditions; and what kind of promotions will help drive sales uplift.

Half price promotions offer the highest sales lift in the US

Waste Management

By optimising operating procedures including baking plans and handling methods, you can work towards the most efficient levels of wastage and ISB performance.

The best ISB’s run at 8% wastage.

Impulse Purchase

Add something new and unexpected to your ISB range.

When your ISB fixture is complemented by other product offerings, shopper purchase value is likely to increase.

Embrace new consumer shopping needs.

All day shopper

By offering products which change throughout the dayto meet shopper needs at the right time, your ISB fixture becomes a focus for footfall all day.

Product Range

Your ISB fixture should deliver on both standard and inspirational products. By offering exciting new products alongside trusted favourites, you will increase purchas evalue per customer.

Inspire shoppers to upgrade their purchase.

Lantmännen Unibake USA

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