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Top trends in baked goods

The Bread Barometer survey was carried out with 500 respondents in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and England.

The Barometer is the third survey of European bread habits performed by Lantmännen Unibake.  Though the results are European, they hold insights for the US as well.

These are the main trends emerging from the Bread Barometer : 

#1 Consumers buy most of their pastry in the supermarket: European consumers buy most of their bread in the supermarket, mass merchandiser or discount stores. 85% say that they buy bread in supermarkets. The exception is Belgium, where most consumers still buy most of their bread from the local bakery shop. 

#2 The freshness of bread and pastry comes first, then taste: The Bread Barometer 2013 reveals great differences in bread habits between countries. Across markets, however, consumers all agree that they want their bread freshly baked. The freshness trend is even more pronounced this year than in previous years.

#3 On-the-go trend continues, especially among young people: The on-the-go trend that we have seen in previous years continues at about the same level as before with about 13% saying that they eat more on the go than they did a couple of years ago. The strong driver of the on-the-go eating habits is the UK where one in five says that they tend to eat more on the go than they did before. 

The habit to eat meals and snacks on the go is most widespread among young people under 35. In this group one in four says that they eat more on the go than they did a couple of years ago, and the trend is the same for all countries. 

The survey also shows that when eating on the go, baked goods have to be quick to buy, convenient to handle and reasonably priced. Health benefits/claims are less important when choosing baked goods on the go.

#4 Interest in whole grain growing in most countries: The interest in whole grain breads is growing in most countries with 66% of consumers saying that they prefer whole grain to white bread in compared to 61% in 2016.

#5 Value is more than price: In general, good quality is valued more than price when consumers shop baked goods. 58% of consumers said that they stress quality more than price when buying bread.

The Bread Barometer 2016 survey was conducted by Gersdorff Research on behalf of Lantmännen Unibake.

Top trends in baked goods
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