Muffin-style Mini Swirls

Thaw Mini Swirls and put into colorful muffin trays.

Bake as usual and cool off.

Decorate with icing and sugar stars or other types of toppings.

Snowman Swirls

Thaw two swirls and flatten. 

Bake as usual and cool off.

Put one big and one small swirl on 
a stick and decorate with icing.

Retro Records Swirls

Thaw and dust with sugar.

Press until a diameter of 4 inches.

Bake as usual, cool off and decorate 
with brown icing and colorful sprinkles.

Swirls French Waffle

Thaw and flatten to a diameter of 4 inches and dust with sugar.

Bake as usual and cool off.

Add a thin layer of butter custard on one swirl 
and put the other swirl on top.

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