Welcome to our Euro-Bake bakery

With the look and taste of breads from the old world, Euro-Bake artisan breads bring back the best of Europe’s culinary history.

It's all about craftsmanship

Every single Lantmännen Unibake bread or pastry has been created by a passionate baker who loves his craft.

With professional pride and craftsmanship, we develop every detail: the crust, the crumb, the shape, the color, the aroma, the taste, the texture. 

What makes Euro-Bake breads special?

At Euro-Bake, the care for craftsmanship is visible in where we source of ingredients, how we treat our dough, and how we handle the breads after baking.

Part of the craftsmanship that goes into every Euro-Bake bread is our careful selection of ingredients. We go to great lengths to find the richest, best tasting ingredients for our breads.

We also invest time to develop flavor in our doughs before baking by giving them long fermentation times and slow proofing at a cool temperature.

Our interest in flavor doesn't stop once we’ve bake our bread. All Euro-Bake breads are frozen on-line to maintain their freshness, so that our customers receive the best tasting product.

Flavor is what we value most.

We source our olives from Greece, roasted garlic from Italy and roasted onions from Germany to get the best flavor!

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