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How to fika at work

Fika is more than just a cup of coffee - it's a social cup of coffee, that connects us at work. 

Learn how to arrange an office fika session at Lantmännen Unibake and invite your colleagues to a cup of coffee, they won’t forget.

Below you will find a guide explaining how to arrange and execute a fika session at work. Read it carefully and get inspired by fika. 


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Send out invitations and put up posters

Use the fika email template and send out invitations to the people in your office. Put up the posters on the wall in the office or in the canteen, so people will be daily reminded of the evet and start talking about it. 

NB. Always remember to attach the Rules of office fika to your invitations, so people have read these on forehand. 

set the scene

Set the scene

Using branded accessories can help getting people in the right atmosphere. Choose your favourite fika accessories for your event. The accessories can be ordered at phil.witcomb@lantmännen.com

Take a look at available accessories
rules of office fika

Rules of office fika

Carefully read the Rules of office fika. The rules of office fika will help you getting in the right spirit and mood, when setting the scene for fika.

It is very important that the rules are followed, in order to get the right experience and outcome of your fika session.  

Download the Rules of office fika here
choose your products

What to serve

Choose the products you want to serve. It is important that it is sweets and that there is at least three different types, as mentioned in the Rules of fika.  

Get inspired by the Fika category from Vaasan. 

Go to Vaasan's Fikabröd sortiment
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Share your fika experience

Share your great moment with your colleagues and friends on Instagram. Use the hashtag: #fika #fikatime #FikaConnectsUs 

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Follow up email

After the fika event, it is important that you follow up with an email. The email should thank the participants for their participation and also contain links to the products presented at the fika event. There should be a small introduction to the products and people should be able to rank them, according to their personal favourite.

In the end you once again announce the dates for the next fika event. 

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Plan and communicate next event

Plan your next fika session in good time, so you can communicate it at current fika session.

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