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GMOs is a serious matter

To ensure the absence of GMOs Lantmännen Unibake requires full traceability in the food chain and where
applicable 3rd party verification of potential GM-sources.

GMO Policy

Lantmännen Unibake has a positive view of the opportunities offered by genetic engineering and that the development of this technology has potential to contribute to a sustainable society. At the same time, we are also sensitive to our customers’ requirements, as well as market conditions.

To ensure a high level of food safety, health and welfare, maintenance of the environment and to avoid ethical and moral objections in relation to genetically modified food and feed. Lantmännen Unibake policy is to exclude the use of GMO throughout the food chain in products supplied to Lantmännen Unibake.

This policy is mandatory and is applicable to all crops, ingredients, additives (including carriers), processing aids or derivatives of crops used in the recipe for Lantmännen Unibake. 


Policy Details

Unintentional traces of genetically modified raw materials may be present, though any amount exceeding the limit value for GMO content labelling as set out in applicable legislation is unacceptable. Organic products must be entirely free from any material from a GM source and prepared without the use of preparations which are produced by GM organisms or on GM materials. Processing aids, which are only used during the food or feed production processes are excluded from this group policy.

This policy does permit the use of e.g. enzymes and fermentation products, produced with GMO-feed/media/substrate, this shall be evident from the specifications. Lantmännen Unibake must have written confirmation from the Suppliers that any enzyme used in products supplied Unibake meet the following requirements:

  • The fermentation must be carried out in a contained use system and is managed so unintended spill is prevented.
  • There must be no resulting GM material (dead or alive) present in the finished enzyme.


GMO raw materials are not permitted for the production of chemical products (e.g. ascorbic acid). Potential GMO-sources used in synthesis must be with IP systems certificates or sourced from other 3rd party verified suppliers.


Managing potential GMO-sources

To avoid the presence of GMOs Lantmännen Unibake requires full traceability in the food chain and where applicable 3rd party verification of potential GM-sources (Valid IT, iSYS, IP, CERT ID or comparable systems).

Where 3rd party verification is not applicable, the avoidance of of GMO should be managed by contracts and PCR-analyses (where applicable). Verification shall be planned and executed by the supplier/producer and documentation to be shared with Lantmännen Unibake on request.

Genetically modified foods, particularly soya and maize, are now extensively grown in many countries. Consumer demands for non-genetically modified crops and their derivatives had led to the introduction of a number of ‘Identity Preserved’ Systems for managing the supply of such crops and derivatives.

These systems ensure that product is traceable and steps have been taken to ensure that the composition of the product has not altered through the food chain. Lantmännen Unibake requires that a third party auditing company (e.g., the BRC/FDF Technical Standard for Identity Preserved Systems supply of Non-GM products or CERT ID assess management systems for potential GMO-sources). This is documented through IP systems certificates.

Lantmännen Unibake reserves the right to verify any product for the presence/absence of GM.


Diane Burgess Ipsen
Global Product Quality and Food Safety Manager
Lantmännen Unibake 

Sustainable news

Sustainable news

We regularly publish news about our initiatives to reduce our environmental impact, secure food quality and safety, develop knowledge and build respectful relations.

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