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Together we take responsibility from field to fork


CSR Strategy

We aim to run a transparent, responsible business at Lantmännen Unibake. As we see it, our ability to earn trust and a good reputation is a precondition of our continued growth.

Our responsibility covers everything we do and the way we do it from beginning to end of the value chain.

  • Raw material traceability and integrity
  • Continuous environmental improvement
  • High product quality and food safety
  • Healthy food choices for consumers
  • Research that builds new bakery knowledge and innovation
  • A safe, engaging workplace with a focus on personal development

To provide an overview of our initiatives and targets, we have categorised our activities as a responsible business under the three pillars Trust, Care and Respect.

As a member of the Lantmännen Group, we also comply with the Lantmännen Code of Conduct.

food safety and nutrition trust Lantmännen Unibake


As a partner for our customers, we are committed to advising on trends, sharing knowledge and ideas of benefit to customer businesses, and ensuring a transparent and secure supply chain all the way to the consumer.

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Care for the environment Care Lantmännen Unibake


The Lantmännen Unibake continuous improvement programme reduces the environmental impact of our operations in a number of ways.

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Respect, employees, partners and suppliers Respect Lantmännen Unibake


We depend on people to maintain the development and growth of our business. So it’s essential that we build relationships based on mutual respect.

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Sustainable news

Sustainable news

We regularly publish news about our initiatives to reduce our environmental impact, secure food quality and safety, develop knowledge and build respectful relations.

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