Helsingør  and Kronborg Castle

This year, OWOO will take place in picturesque Helsingør.


Helsingør (Elsinore) lies in the middle of Northern Europe's Riviera with a wonderful view over the entrance of Øresund. Surrounded by bathing beaches and historical castles, as well as near proximity of world renowned modern art museum Louisiana, Helsingør makes a great summer destination. You can read more about Helsingør here.


We are extremely proud to present the fantastic stage of this year's OWOO - namely the beautiful Renaissance castle of Kronborg, best known as the home of Shakespeare's Hamlet! Kronborg is a UNESCO world heritage site and dates back to the 1420s. With its menacing guns pointing straight at the ships in the sound, it was the headquarter for collection of the sound dues and help filling the king's coffers. After a ravaging fire in 1629, court life vanished from Kronborg and since then it was used as a fortress. You can read more about Kronborg here.

Fun fact: for Shakespeare's 400th anniversary this year you can rent the King's Tower of Kronborg on AirBnB for one night only and be the first person in more than 100 years to sleep in the castle!

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