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The perfect pairing

Meet Søren Stiller Markussen 
- Danish barista champion and recent top 5 barista in the world.

Søren is also owner and founder of Great Coffee in Aarhus, Denmark. It’s frequently named as one of the best places in Europe to get your caffeine fix.

Søren’s story didn’t actually start with coffee, he was a pastry chef for 15 years and is an expert in pairing coffee with food.

We set him a task – to identify the perfect coffee to serve with each of the five new MiniMania pastries.

 Many thanks to Søren Stiller Markussen for his professional advice. If you would like more information about his coffee – and to visit his amazing roastery in Aarhus, you can read more here: www.greatcoffee.dk/

Salted Caramel Plait with coffee

Salted Caramel Plait

Salted Caramel Plait – Mahembe Coffee from Rawanda. 

100% Arabica Bourbon Washed Coffee. 

Rawandan coffees are typically very chocolately and salty, with hints of blueberry. This coffee goes perfectly with the complex flavours of the pastry.

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Toasted Coconut Swirl with coffee

Toasted Coconut Swirl

Toasted Coconut Swirl – El Higeuron from El Salvador.

100% Arabica.

This sweet pastry either needs something bitter or fruity. Søren selected the El Higeuron because of it’s bitter profile.

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Strawberry Shortcake Crown with coffee pairing

Strawberry Shortcake Crown

Strawberry Shortcake Crown – Finca Santa Petrona by Café Tuxpal from El Salvador. 

100% Arabica. 

The sweet and fruity pastry is matched perfectly with the cherry notes and silky mouth feel of the naturally processed coffee. They give a good balance in flavours.

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Cherry Chocolate Coronet with coffee

Cherry Chocolate Coronet

Cherry Chocolate Coronet – Finca Melchor by Café Tuxpal from El Salvador. Honey processed.

100% Arabica. One of the easiest to pair, according to Søren. It goes well with a host of coffees because of it’s many flavour nuances. Søren has chosen a honey processed coffee from El Salvador which has a caramel and chocolate flavour. This goes really well with the fruitiness and silkiness of the pastry.

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Lemon Cheesecake Coronet with coffee

Lemon Cheesecake Coronet

Lemon Cheesecake Coronet – Esmaralda Geisha from Panama.

100% Arabica. Won Danish Coffee of the Year 2015. 

This pastry has distinct, clear citric flavours and was relatively simple to match. Søren has selected a similarly citric coffee from Panama which has hints of citrus, caramel and chocolate.

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The Mini Signature Selection

Five indulgent little pastries crafted to be a feast for the senses!

The perfect match for cafes and in-store bakeries where coffee and hot drinks are served.

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