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Danish hot dog restau-rant "Foderbrættet"

Hotdogs, champagne & cocktails

Challenging and protecting the hot dog

"We opened Foderbrættet 18 months ago because we were missing on the restaurant scene! We saw that bars and restaurants were challenging the industry with gourmet burgers and Mexican food, so we thought: "what about the hot dog?!"says Romeo Espeleta (PR Manager at Foderbrættet)

We set out to make the best gourmet hot dogs and both serve classic hot dogs that everyone knows and new kinds of hot dogs that challenge conventional flavour combinations.

We believe that what makes for a great gourmet hot dog is the time spent on the ingredients and developing the right flavour combinations. A perfectly balanced hot dog should contain just the right amounts of sour, sweet, fat and salt – just like a classic hot dog. If those components are introduced, it is possible to make endless varieties.

Read more about the art of 'hot dog architecture' here

We recommend that our guests choose two hot dogs, and many typically choose the classic hot dog and a hot dog they have never tasted before. They love our "Limited edition Deer", which consists of a deer sausage topped with Waldorf salad and sugar beets, or our "Limited edition Boar" – a wild boar sausage topped with pumpkin chutney, mushroom mayo and fried beet root."

Romeo Espeleta, PR & Manager
Foderbrættet, Copenhagen

Website: www.foderbrættet.dk

The True Dog Trend

Lantmännen Unibake International

Sluseholmen 8A
3rd Floor
DK-2450 Copenhagen SV 

+45 7628 5000
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