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The history of the Croissant

  • Traced back to the 13th Century 

    • the Austrian Kipferl.


  • Modern Croissant created in Paris around 1839.


  • The Croissant was named after it’s crescent shape.


  • Quickly caught on in popularity, mentioned by Charles Dickens 1872.



The history of the danish pastry

  • In Denmark a Danish is called  ”Wienerbrød” – Viennese bread.

  • It’s from the same family as the Croissant and other Viennese pastries.

  • Austrian bakers brought the Danish to Denmark during a bakers strike in 1850.

  • In the early 1900s Danish emigrants brought Danish pastries to the USA.

  • Lauritz C. Klitteng made Danish pastry at the wedding of President Woodrow Wilson in 1915.


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