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Let's talk about pastry!

The secrets about Pastry...

How do you spot a great Pastry?

  • The pastry has to taste exceptionally, it has to be a “wow”!
  • In order to get that exceptional taste experience, the product should be light and flaky and have a perfect balance between the flavor of the dough and the flavor of the filling.   

What new market trends do you see in pastry?

  • First and foremost, customers have become more knowledgeable when it comes to bakery: they expect high quality products baked with good ingredients.  
  • In terms of flavor trends, there has been a rise in more ethnic cuisine also for pastries, e.g. sweet Hispanic pastries and Japanese inspired pastries.
  • You can also see innovation in terms of different shapes and sizes. Mini pastries and desserts are still trending, and for this reason we have launched a new Mini Signature Selection with interesting flavor combinations such as salted caramel.

What’s your best advice for foodservice operators who wants to upscale their pastry portfolio?

  • It all depends on who the customer is and what their needs are. It is hard to make general recommendations as it is important to understand their operation capabilities, what challenges they face and what their strategy is.
  • That said, most operators are looking for solutions that are convenient without compromising on quality. Our products come pre-proofed and we have created the recipes so that products of similar sizes can be baked together – at the same temperature and for the same amount of time, simplifying the baking process.   
  • If you already sell pastry products and want to create a more luxurious offering, you can add fresh fruit or berries to jazz up the product.
  • Another idea is to use an Apple Crown and top it with cheddar cheeses before putting it in the oven – that will produce a fantastic tasting savory sweet pastry product that will stand out on your menu or on the shelves. 
MiniMania Assortment

Discover the Mini Signature Selection

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