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Meet Our Education Consultant, Hanne F. Bojsen

Hanne Flensburg Bojsen, education consultant, Lantmännen Unibake Academy, Denmark

Hanne has worked for the Lantmännen Unibake Academy since the beginning in 2000. Much of her time goes into creating inspiring new ways for customers to grow their sales.  “I spot the trends and develop new concepts around them,” she says.

When Hanne really wants an honest opinion about a new concept she has developed, she knows where to go. “I try out all sorts on my children. They are great test people and my toughest critics,” she laughs.

All her ideas are created with Lantmännen Unibake customers in mind – supermarket chains, in-store bakeries and food service outlets.

“If a customer asks for help, perhaps because their burger sales are going down, I work with them to come up with a new concept. Then we train their staff and continue to feed them with new inspiration,” Hanne says.

“It’s important they know how to handle our products to get the best result.”

What’s most important to you when working with concept development?
“I always have a big focus on different textures, and I think a lot about which new ingredients I can use. This is what I find most satisfying. I like knowing that I am influencing our customers’ sales.”

Have you ever made a mistake that turned out to be a good idea?
“Not a mistake exactly. But there was one time when I had been baking recipes for a photo shoot and hadn’t had time for lunch.  So I was really hungry!

“When I got into my car, I found I had some wholegrain French breads and some bananas. I put them together, and it tasted fantastic! That’s an idea I’ve passed on to schools and sports hall cafeterias. You can do a luxury version of it as well with 70% dark chocolate.”

When you’re looking for inspiration, which ingredient inspires you most?
“I love seasonal Danish ingredients. You can find so many of them in nature, such as buckthorn, wild garlic and glasswort. When the new shoots come on the pine trees, I pick the pine needles and marinate them. If you knead it into bread dough, it gives a real Christmas flavour and aroma.”

If you get hungry during the day, what’s your favourite snack?
“I am known for my love of rye bread. If I fancy something sweet, I use it in cake baking. Even when it turns dry, you can make a lot of different recipes. So you never need to waste it.”

How do you relax when you get home from work?
“I have a huge garden with a big vegetable patch. We’re almost self-sufficient. My favourite crop this year is coriander. It’s so delicious.”

It’s important our customers know how to handle our products to get the best result


Hanne Flensburg Bojsen fact file

  • Background: lives and works in Holstebro in west Jutland
  • First job: kitchen assistant at Holstebro army barracks
  • Best way to relax: looking after the garden or a long 10km walk
  • Favourite holiday: goes skiing two or three times each winter
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