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chefs at dog fight

Up for a Dog Fight?

Hot Dogs are hot again! But they’re no longer the “dirty water dogs” of yesteryear.

Hot dogs have had a makeover, and they’re ready to take over the title of trendiest fast food item on your menu.

But what’s the best way to create your ultimate hot dog – to select your secret weapon?

Staging a “Dog Fight” competition where your best culinary experts are gathered to face-off in creating their definitive dogs is a great way to bring together the best ideas and select which items should appear on your menu.

And we’ve got the ultimate guide to how to stage this event. Read on!

(all of this was tried and tested at Lantmännen Unibake in early 2016) 

See the video highlights here!
flight plan

Prepare for Battle

Preparation is arguably the most important part of any event. A lot of common problems can be avoided entirely by planning how the Dog Fight is going to play out.

We’ve put together an eight-point plan to help you put on the greatest show you can.

Download our free guide here!
Lasse Judge

Rules of Engagement and Competition Format

All participants should know well in advance the rules of engagement and how they will be judged on their creations.

You should also have a tight format which enables creative flair within well managed timescales.

We teamed up with Görlitz – the ultimate professional Hot Dog Judge (www.hotdogjudge.com) to put together the rule-book for a premium hot dog competition.

Download our free guide here!
chefs marketing

Promoting the Event

When you’ve got everything sorted out regarding the actual competition, it’s time to get people talking about it – and then put on the event.

With the right invitation and marketing, you’ll effectively reach your target stakeholders as well as create great PR and gain attention.

Download our free guide which will guide you through this stage of the event.

Download our free guide here!

The devil is in the detail

We’ve designed a whole host of promotional materials which can help you with putting on the event, from signage and backdrops to participant diplomas.

To receive these items – simply email Phil.Witcomb@lantmannen.com with your request, and we’ll be happy to share them with you for your event.

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