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How to get the most out of your display

Sandwich display

The hot spot of a product display

The hot spot of a product display is very important because tests have shown that our eyes are naturally drawn to the same place: the middle right-hand side. Therefore, always display the products with the highest contribution margin and that best represent your business in the hot spot. An empty hot spot will give customers a negative perception of your product display.

An empty display will not bring you more business. Don’t hold back out of fear of wastage. A brave product display will generate more sales and in turn prevent any wastage. The last opening hours of cafés and restaurants can be successful in terms of display sales as long as the products are carefully selected and placed together. Keep your display attractive and lucrative throughout opening hours.

sandwich on a wodden plate

Light, colour and smell

Make sure that the glass surfaces of the display are cleaned every day as sunlight, in particular, reveals any smudges. Additional lighting on the customer's side improves the visual value of the products.

A colourful display is attractive to the eye. Arrays of products in complementary colours are easy to achieve and certain to attract attention.

Creating mental images in your customers’ heads is very important. Baking your products throughout the day will fill the air with pleasant smells that tickle the senses of your customers. Try adding little notes to your display, such as "Baked only half an hour ago" or "Fresh from the oven".

cinanmon bun

Showing off the right products

Take note of the types of customers that visit you at different times of the day. Pensioners and youngsters with leftover pocket money have different ideas about attractive display selections. Once you know who your customers are and what products they are after, you can target your product display accordingly. No doubt, you will notice a substantial increase in sales.

Customers are getting busier and busier, and the sale of food on the go is increasing. Make sure you offer the best possible selection in the morning and during the lunch hour. Try offering combos of three where bread is accompanied by, for instance, coffee and a small pastry.

seasonal products

Benefit from seasonal products

Seasonal foods have a substantial effect on display sales. The various seasons make it easy to sell traditional products, such as Christmas pastries, but the sale of other display products can also be boosted with a little help from the seasons.

For instance, during the Christmas season, some vendors are inspired not only to sell traditional Christmas products, but also add a taste of Christmas to some of their basic display products.

Get to know our seasonal calendar! Find recipes and ideas for the various seasons.

sandwich packing

Packaging and wrapping

Using different packaging is an easy way of introducing some variation in the sale of well-known display products. New innovative packaging technology is being developed with products such as boxes containing different compartments, breathable plastic bags, and moisture-absorbing bases.

Develop methods of presentation that reflect your business. Try always to come up with ways to present an item to the customer in a more attractive manner or as a take-away product. Unpackaged products looking attractive and fresh will always sell better in a display unit.

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