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Welcome to Schulstad Bakery Solutions

Explore our full line of pre-proofed pastries and delight your customers with time-honored European flavor that is second to none. The Schulstad baking tradition is rooted in old-world, authentic recipes for an undeniable, one-of-a-kind taste.

Available in North America through Unibake USA.


Looking for a boost in business? Snack-size it—your sandwiches, that is. #LantmannenUnibake buff.ly/2ggVTSy pic.twitter.com/pDuFtYBMcK

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Our Schulstad founder, Viggo, produced the world’s first malt-leavened rye bread, but that’s not all… #Schulstad… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…


16 layers of butter. 17 layers of dough. Endless joy. #yum #passionforpastry buff.ly/2yhB6Fv pic.twitter.com/a1lY3eeI95

Introducing Good Morning Croissants

When you take the comfort and convenience of a classic croissant and add a generous sprinkling of nutritious, flavor-filled delectability, you make a good morning even better.

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Meet the people behind our pastry

Piet Van Beveren and Mogens Andersen oversee all of our croissant and danish pastry creation. Learn about the secrets of the perfect pastry, and feel their passion.

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